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About the project:

Lion populations have declined by 93 % in just one century.

Their loss signals the loss of the wild in Africa.
Only 20.000 Lions are left in the wild.

Lions are extinct in 26 African countries and have vanished from over 90 % of their historic range. Though lions still exist in 27 African countries and 1 Asian country, only seven countries are known to each contain more than 1000 Lions.


The Reasons

  • Habitat loss, fragmentation and Human-Lion-Conflicts
  • Unsustainable or illegal trophy hunt
  • Illegal bush-meat trade of prey species, resulting in lions being caught and killed in snares and lack of lion prey
  • Trade with lion bones and parts also became a major threat: Lion bones are used for traditional “medicines”, wine and other products, believing that it provides health benefits. There is no way to trace the source of any of the lion's parts
  • Canned Hunting
  • Many more …..


The Future

Cecil the lion’s death in 2015 has become a powerful symbol for the misery of African lions. Many have realised that the circle of life is closing on the king of the jungle. Can we be part of the change?


How can we help?

  • AWARENESS: Each of us can create awareness, that the iconic Lion Species is under major risk of extinction.
  • SUPPORT: Habitat loss, loss due to snaring and poaching and Human-Lion-Conflicts are very complex subjects. Project support is required at many places.
  • FUNDRAISING: Lions can help with fundraising projects and donations
  • AWARENESS: When travelling in Africa, please THINK before you VISIT, CUDDLE, PHOTOGRAPH, WALK or VOLUNTEER
  • Very few of the private lion farms and predator facilities in Africa can be regarded as real conservation undertakings.
  • LOOK OUT: for REAL sanctuaries and volunteer organisations: Click here for the Database

SAVE the LION Species became a roaring reality with our Lions Clubs International Project LIONS 4 LIONS. 1.45 Mio Lions Club members CAN and WILL have a HUGE impact.

Help us to raise worldwide awareness that the Lion species is on the brink of extinction!


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